Pulse Theme

Ever seen a theme for which a screenshot doesn’t do justice?
Its pulsating background and its header menu are just two of the guaranties that your site’s visitors will love it.
Theme’s name is given by the Jquery plugin which makes its background to seamlessly change color, it comes with 8 by default but value can easily be increased to up to 42 colors.

Theme uses 2 jquery plugins : Pulse (which also gave the name of the theme)
and Lavalamp

Pulse is a fixed width 3 columns CMS theme, its one of those themes for which a screenshot doesn’t do justice so if you could just press that preview button, thank you!

Let’s start with pulse:

Pulse only and beautiful function is to seamlessly change background’s color, theme comes with an array of 8colors but value can easily be increased to up to 42colors.

Second is lavalamp: Lavalamp was used for the slick header menu which can include up to 8 links as it can be seen in the demo.

Feature List:

  • Safari Compatible
  • Firefox Compatible
  • IE7 and above
  • Chrome Compatible
  • XOOPS 2.5 Compatible
  • ICMS 1.2 Compatible
  • 8 Color styles
  • Tabless structure
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • jQuery enhanced
  • PSD on request
Theme costs $5 and it can be purchased via Paypal using the button below

Download: Pulse CMS Theme
  • added: 06/01/2012
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